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”A profitable business sector without climate impact” is the Haga Initiative’s vision. The Haga Initiative is a business network that strives to reduce the business sector’s carbon emissions and highlight climate issues by showing the link between ambitious climate strategies and increased profitability. The purpose of the network is to show that it is profitable for companies to conduct good business while simultaneously work actively with their climate responsibility. We believe that high climate ambitions provide great opportunities, create jobs, strengthen the Swedish welfare and make Swedish business more competitive worldwide. We have committed ourselves in our strategy to show how business contributes to the 1.5-degree target and how we want to influence Swedish and international politics in line with this. Therefore, the companies have also set targets for net zero emissions by 2030. 

Do you want to become a member?
We welcome new companies to become members of the Haga Initiative who want to influence politics, to be at the forefront of ambitious climate goals and to be credible and transparent in their work. Test if you are in line with the commitments adopted by the member companies in the Haga Initiative.

Is your company in line with Haga Initiative’s commitment:

  • CEO/top management commit to climate action
  • Integrated/ambitious climate strategy
  • Calculate and disclose climate impact according to the GHG Protocol
  • Have a declining emission trend
  • Net zero emissions by 2030

Which business values does a membership in Haga Initiative add to your company?

  • Puts the climate issue in a strategic and societal context
  • Strengthened brand through greater credibility
  • Business intelligence and increased knowledge
  • Inspiration for profitable climate initiatives
  • Collaboration across industries for greater relevance
  • Transparency through climate reporting

Which societal values does a membership in the Haga Initiative add to your company?

  • Encourage other business sectors to set climate targets in line with the 1.5-degree target
  • Encourage Swedish and European policies to aid companies achieve the 1.5-degree target

Are you interested to become a member please contact us at and we will provide you with further information regarding membership fee and the set-up for membership.

If you have questions in regards to membership and commitments please contact the Executive Director, Nina Ekelund,